FREE Kindle Book Collection! “The Harbinger Collection” by Carolyn McCray

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This collection includes:
Anatomy: The prequel short story
Plain Jane – The full length first novel of the series
Dark Lullaby – the bridge short  between Plain Jane & Wallflower *exclusive to the collection
My Soul to Keep – the Harbinger short story featuring Nicole *exclusive to the collection
Wallflower – the full length sequel to Plain Jane *exclusive to the collection
Shallow Grave – bridge short between Wallflower and Buzz Kill *exclusive to the collection
Buzz Kill – the last book in the Harbinger trilogy (uploads in October)
Pallor – the post-Buzz Kill wrap up short story (uploads EXCLUSIVELY in October)

Get it now for $5.99 before it goes up to $9.99 when Buzz Kill (the finale to the trilogy) and Pallor (the post-Buzz Kill short story) come out in October (you will be able to redownload the collection at no additional charge)!

More Praise for the Harbinger Collection

“When I read on the author’s blog that Plain Jane was a “Patterson-style thriller with a dash of Hannibal” I knew right away that I wanted to read it. I was not disappointed and in my honest opinion this book is incredible!”
A. Harris
Amazon Reviewer

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