GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “The Dark Horde” by Brewin

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1989, rural Victoria, Australia. Something is preying upon the township of Howqua Hills. Brian Derwent, head of the local Police Station, must simultaneously grapple with the investigation, his disintegrating personal life and unseen forces that are not of this world.

Part thriller, part crime-fiction, all supernatural horror, The Dark Horde tells of the return of an ancient evil that is neither stoppable nor comprehensible…

This reader loved it!

This book was masterfully crafted. All the storylines were woven in such a way that you always wanted to root for the underdog yet wasn’t always sure that they would win but most definitely knew it was possible they could lose. The characters were shown to have flaws, unpredictable, courage, rage, sometimes hope, bullied, and eager for something to happen. I certainly hope you take the adventurous task of reading this wonderful book. I look forward to the next adventure this author presents me. Enjoy!  –   Angie

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