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“ Scenes often end with a little twist that makes you go, “Oh! That changes things!” ” – Amazon Reviewer

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Due to popular demand, The Depot is officially a prequel. The next chapter of Detective Mark Water’s life will be available soon in The Library. For now, enjoy this twelve-thousand-word short story by bestselling romantic-suspense author Carmen DeSousa that has just enough mystery, paranormal, and even a little romance to round things out.

 They say The Depot is haunted. But in all the years homicide detective Mark Waters has visited the ancient train station turned restaurant, he’s never seen proof. Until now.

As he investigates a supposed suicide by train, he learns secrets of a murder that took place eighty years ago may directly affect his case.

This reader gave it five stars:

Carmen DeSousa knows how to spin a tale! I have found my newest favorite author! The Depot is an awesome short story but makes you feel like you have read a novel! Loved it!  –  TomTer7


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  1. Thank you so much for spotlighting ‘The Depot’. I hope your readers will love detective Mark Waters as much as I do. I am having so much fun typing out his next adventure. 🙂

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