GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Catch and Release” by James. T. Twerell

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Catch and Release, a romance/suspense novel, is the story of two lives from vastly different backgrounds, drawn together by fate and a common love of the great outdoors. The crossing of Jennifer and Steve’s paths releases an explosion of love, passion, adventure and ultimately a reason for a shared journey. Within 24 hours, they catch a few trout, have a passionate affair, shoot and kill a man, are involved in two gun battles, receive wounds and end up in Miami, Florida. All this, and as Steve says, they still have six days of vacation left. Their relationship touches long-buried feelings in Jennifer, while shattering the mundane existence suffocating Steve.

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If you want to read a book which will keep you guessing and have you wondering about what’s really going on, this is sure to catch you but I’m not sure it will release you until long after the last page has been read.
The characters are true to life with a story which could have had a simple happily-ever-after ending without a lot of fanfare. However, if there was anything which could go wrong, it did. A doctor who had previously led a sheltered, boring life became a target after meeting a woman at his favourite fishing grounds – fleeing the scene just after killing a man in self-defence.
From there, the heat is on and it’s only thanks to the lady he met that his life was spared on a few occasions. As they team up to catch the criminals, they are in for the ride of their lives and it was truly an engaging read.  –  N. Budden

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