Spotlight Book! “Earths in Space” by Daniel Sherrier

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The characters and the story will appeal to any reader. The Science fiction readers as well as the novice reader will get so much enjoyment from the story line. Dan’s writing puts you right in the action. I could envision it like a movie playing in my head.   –  Bill Doran

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There are no aliens, but the universe is full of people. Other Earths are out there. Some are younger, and some are older. Unique individuals populate them all, making unique decisions that lead to unique civilizations. Amena Wharry wants to visit each one. She has no idea what she’s getting into. She can’t wait to find out.

Volume 1: Where Are the Little Green Men? contains the first two novellas in this episodic science fiction series. Amena and her space-faring team of explorers learn that life out there is much like life here, and just as unusual. In the first episode, “Liberty or Death,” the team faces hi-tech tyrants who have already achieved global domination. Then, in “The End of an Earth,” they travel to a world that has less time than they think.

Earths in Space. They’re already out there. You just haven’t discovered them yet.

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