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This is the novel that started the magic… the novel which introduced the world to LAPD Det. King Leary and the refreshingly-oddball cast of characters which includes his cop partner Det. Thurston Howell ‘Millionaire’ Adler, an Old Boy Network of Ivy League-educated mobsters known as The Mayflower Mafia, and Leary’s conscience/spiritual guide: The Ghost of Tom Mix, often accompanied by The Ghost of Tony the Wonder Horse.

Hollywood is Leary’s Kingdom. It’s GOOD to be King.


When Rock legend Buzzy Motorola dies mysteriously, LAPD Detectives King Leary and Millionaire Adler to investigate . On the way, they meet crazed music biz types, the Mayflower Mafia, and a serial killer who calls himself The Angel of Righteousness. On top of all this, Leary has a secret… he sees dead people.

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