Spotlight Book! “Zombie Messiah” by Eric Mead

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Fifteen years after the last known zombie outbreak, just as the world is coming back to life ,so are the undead. It’s December 11, 2099, Foley ,his pregnant wife Jaime, and his grandmother, a retired Marine Commando , have to act fast if they are going to live. Zombie Messiah is short, brutal , and vicious, Everything you want in a Zombie tale , but it also has something that no other zombie story does..good karma… 10% of all sales goes to the charity The Wayne Foundation The Wayne Foundation is committed to spreading awareness of CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) and building a rehabilitation facility for victims DMST (Domestic Minor Sexual Trafficking). We acknowledge that sexual trafficking victims can be of any age, nationality, or sex. Our primary objective is to assist female DMST victims in the United States, but in the future we would like to expand our programs to additionally serve male and adult sex trafficking victims. visit them at
Zombie Messiah using fictional terror to raise $ to fight real life horror .

“ I recommend this book to any reader of thriller, action/adventure and yes, zombie books! ” Charles T. Franklin (amazon reviewer)

“ The author has a great concept here and could very easily have adapted this story into a full length novel. ” Alex Newton (amazon reviewer)

“ The best, for me, is that twist at the end that makes it scarier to reconsider all zombie movies I have ever watched. ” George Thuperdale (amazon reviewer)


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