Spotlight Book! “Redemption” by Marcus Abshire

Anyone who’s into high paced action or the supernatural will be into this book. Expect engaging characters, unexpected twists, and a satisfying conclusion. There’s a buddy adventure, espionage, treason, and military combat set in a world of the hidden supernatural and functional magic. This is genre literature done right.  – Adam Ant

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John Adams is a Special Forces combat wizard, trained to kill the things that go bump in the night by the very country that has betrayed him. Desperate for answers he seeks the one man he trusts the most. Hunted by Otherworld assassins and the U.S. military, John sets out on a journey that will lead him on a path for the truth. Only in the end he may yet discover his REDEMPTION.

John Adams has been trained since childhood to kill monsters. He’s good at what he does. Believing his life’s work has been spent making the world a better place, he feels betrayed when he discovers that his country may be kidnapping soldiers to create unthinking killing machines. With the help of his partner, Nathan Blackcrow, an engineer wizard, Peotr Stragnoff, a 500 year old werebear, and Cynthia, an immortal Gryphon, John begins a journey that will give his life a new purpose. With the help of his friends John learns that killing first, asking questions later may not be the best policy.

Redemption is a fast-paced fantasy/military roller coaster ride. An exciting adventure that tells the story of a wizard who finds that his life isn’t as black and white as he thought.

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