Spotlight Book! “MAJESTY” by Eva Caye

I was hooked after the first book, and my expectations were high when diving into the second book in the To Be Sinclair Series. I was not disappointed! I was jolted into a harsh scene, reminding me of the frailty of life and setting the stage for the major themes in the story.  –  farmerjaneusa

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What if a person developed a science absolutely fundamental to galactic expansion, yet so dangerous she could not possibly release it to the public? Struggling between her Imperial duties and her laboratory research, Empress Felice Sinclair must now prepare to face down public opinion and deal with devious, manipulative dukes and their duchesses. But the trials of holding Imperial authority have just begun, as treasons rock the Empire and her husband Emperor Victor Sinclair needs Felice to oversee investigations in her role as Empress!

When will she be able to pursue her true goal, her phenomenal scientific discovery that could lead to redesigning the substrate of human colonization efforts galaxy-wide? She must do so in complete secrecy, for such a power has its darker side, too. Facing an imminent invasion, Felice has to think fast: how can she covertly deploy the deadliest weapon ever devised? And how does she deal with the emotional reactions and political realities now confronting her due to her stunning new technology? Only Victor can help her now!

This science fiction novel is the second of the seven-part To Be Sinclair series. The saga begins with DIGNITY and its companion volume MAJESTY, which detail the romance and first years of marriage of the Emperor and Empress of the Sinclair Demesnes. A few scenes describe sexually explicit behavior.

This reader loved it!

How does a scientist implement the most important (and dangerous) technological advance in the galaxy? Without getting assassinated? How does one do it as a wife, and a mother? Felice Sinclair manages to develop new traditions as a tool for social advance, as she expands the horizons of civilization with her stelluric technologies, and creates a legacy for her family. This is a well-crafted tale of intrigue and science, in a cohesive culture in a galactic society. I enjoyed this quirky, sexy lady as she navigates all obstacles with quick thinking and solid principles.  –  Janice

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