GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Dragon Soul” by B.J. Whittington

“ Wonderful, immersing, story with compelling characters. ” – Rita

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Dragon Soul begins in a small village of the Palmir people. A quiet, productive and peaceful clan with an almost forgotten violent history. The Plague from the North–an attack of powerful, evil creatures–virtually annihilated them generations ago. They defeated the Plague, with the help of mystics and dragons – but at great cost.

What if the Plague returns? There are so few Dragon Souls. Could they defeat the monsters again? And what of real dragons? Will they ever again exist in their own form?

Vedicville serves as a place to mentor Dragon Souls and Hosts, humans who transform into dragons. Thol, a goat herder at Vedicville, never imagined he would start his day as a human and end up as a dragon. Who would? There are usually indications that a person is Host to a Dragon Soul. The first indication for Thol, was when his hands began to elongate and turn into talons. When Rasdor emerges, unexpectedly, and fly’s off in a panic, several villagers commence a journey to find him. The search uncovers more than the lost dragon, the key to saving their entire civilization. If they realize it in time.

Brief Excerpt:
Kuaric’s mouth fills with an acrid tang. His human body stretches and elongates. Clothes dissolve into his skin. Claws, complete with talons, erupt from his hands and feet. His neck lengthens, with each vertical undulation becoming more serpentine. His head slightly flattens, becoming triangular in shape, silver maned, with flaming red eyes.
Sharp black scales erupt to cover his entire body. A dorsal crest bursts through his back. A tail grows behind and he becomes a dragon of gargantuan size.

Kuaric –now Maru his Dragon Soul– screams with the pain of Transformation. Soon the change is complete. Maru – a powerful, predominately black-bodied dragon with silver mane, ridges and wings stands where a moment before was a mortal man.

This reader loved it!

BJ Whittington’s idea behind this novel, of humans hosting dragon souls, leads to a creative, eloquently written fantasy adventure in which the dragon is a metaphor for man’s enormous desires and fears. The Palmir people are thoughtfully presented in a manner which makes them “real”, the additives of mystics, healers, prophets and of course, dragons, amount to an adroit mix of fantasy and suspense at its best. The transition from man to dragon, inter alia, illustrates Whittington’s lively, compelling imagination; the problems of man and dragon co-exisiting as one in struggles against the enemy resonate with the competing forces at work in any society, culture, world. Vivid, highly imaginative literature which is difficult to put down.  –  ZM

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