Spotlight Book! “Sowers of God” by Glenn K. Graham

If you like science fiction, and particularly books about travel to the moon, this book is for you. You won’t be disappointed. Jerald Clemens

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The world that Oxy used to live in has exhausted nearly all of its fossil fuels, and fusion reactors supply most of the Earth’s energy.  He struggles to keep the machines running that vaporize Helium-3 from the lunar soil, concentrate it, and send it down to the reactors via a network of lunar transports, a space elevator, and a world-wide, high-speed, evacuated-tube train system.  This all works well enough, except for the techno-savvy Sowers of God cult, whose bizarre theology compels them to use almost any means to stop the lunar mining operation.  General Wyckoff, thwarted at every attempt to end their attacks on the fusion reactors, now has a program underway that he hopes will wipe out the entire group from the inside.

Oxy’s discovery of an unusual phenomenon in another part of the Mare Frigoris coincides with the accelerated final preparations of the Scorpio-1 Mars-bound spacecraft.  Its crew of four astronauts, including the only woman Oxy has ever loved, will investigate the secret discovery, made by robotic rovers, of microbes living deep underground and eerily similar to several species found on Earth.

The two-month investigation by the astronauts reveals the microbes to be a form of bacteria adaptable to Earth-like conditions, but resistant to any known antibiotics.  After a meteorite initiated orbital event and severe depression take the lives of two of the astronauts, the other two manage to leave Mars’ orbit, only to succumb to the bacteria during hibernation.

Wyckoff succeeds in incorporating the Martian bacteria into his secret program, but, before he is able to implement it as planned, catastrophe strikes.  The final conflict between Wyckoff and the Sowers plays out at 30,000 feet above the Amazon River, as an unstoppable plague spreads around the Earth.  And the heart-broken Oxy must find a way to save his lunar co-workers.

What the Martian bacteria, the lunar phenomenon found by Oxy, and two other discoveries on Mars reveal about life on Earth will completely change mankind’s understanding of the universe…if any of mankind survives.

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