Spotlight Book! “Pond Life” by Sam Kates

When I started reading this I wasn’t sure what to make of it. The stories go from place to place but as I read through I found a common thread of great writing here. Mr Kates tells tales in his own unique way that can make your laugh or scratch your head. An enjoyable read for sure.
–  Lisa Williamson “suteko”

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Short story anthology. Ten stories; mixed genres. How do you react when meeting someone who claims to have caused the end of mankind? Is there a non-violent, non-legalistic method of dealing with anti-social behaviour? Would you follow to a rooftop a girl who has convinced you she can fly? Where do people with obsessions end up? (Better hope it’s not The Obsessives’ Club.) Would you dive into a pond that may alter you fundamentally and irretrievably? There are stories here that present possible answers to these questions. Throw in a ghost story, the tale of a minor incident that may have affected the outcome of World War II, a deadly infatuation, a condemned prisoner who’s convinced that she’s Dorothy Gale, and a daring but brutal escape from a Siberian prison camp, and there should be something here to satisfy most tastes.
Now includes an extract of Sam Kates’s new novel: The Village of Lost Souls. Coming soon for the Kindle.

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