Spotlight Book! “Walker” by Steven Ramirez

“ I would highly recommend this quick read to all the many horror fans out there. ”  –  Mark Abrams

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What is the one thing—the only thing—you must remember when someone you love sleepwalks? Don’t wake them. Ever. John Walker knows this and has so far taken all the right precautions to protect his wife, Mary Kate. But sometimes no matter what you do, no matter how vigilant you are, things go wrong.

John is about to learn that evil is out there waiting for the right moment. And when it strikes, it hungers for more than Mary Kate. It wants their daughter, Lucy. But it’s not his fault—it’s not anyone’s fault.

Sometimes bad things just happen.

“‘Walker’ is well-written with vibrant characters and natural dialogue. I was only sorry it ended so soon. I don’t want to give too much away since this is a short read, but suffice to say, supernatural shenanigans are afoot. I’m glad to say I’ve found another horror writer to follow.” 5 Stars.

Please be advised that this is a short story and is around 5,900 words.

This reviewer makes it sound like a MUST read!

There’s not much I want to say about this story except that it had me thinking about it long after I had read the last page. The ‘normalcy’ of the situation contrasts horrifically with the events that are to come. I have a daughter who frequently sleepwalks, so this story impacted on me because of that. It really got me thinking….  –  Cathy Hudson

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