Spotlight Book! “Inside Evil” by Geoffrey Wakeling

One last note – Along with the dialogue and interactions, Mr. Wakeling’s chief gift seems to be in the characters he brings to life. All of them, from police detective Karl to the ever inquisitive Sam to the saucy (in more ways than one) Susan, are quirky and unique in their own ways, and play an essential part in the human play that is Inside Evil. Highly recommended.  –  Matthew Jenks

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Life in the secluded town of Ridgewood is charming, simple, safe – isn’t it? The bubble that isolates the hamlet protects, or so the eclectic residents believe.
Lurking in the background of every day life is a curse that comes in cycles and picks off the innocent as it pleases. But this time there’s something different, this time the curse wants more.


Roberta Arlington’s life changes the moment she finds one of
her pupils, pale, frozen, DEAD. Her mind is filled with uncharacteristic thoughts, dreams and visions create bizarre scenes, and her blood boils as she lashes out at those she loves. Amidst her turmoil there are friends, and enemies, who come to her aid, piecing together the puzzle laid before them.


But with the ancient evil having struck down so many through
the centuries, Roberta will have to muster every ounce of strength she has to survive. An entire world, a strange land, has unveiled itself. If Roberta knows one thing for sure, it’s that she alone won’t be able to escape as death comes calling…….




Inside Evil is a paranormal mystery set in a small town on
the borders of England and Scotland. Like so many similar places, its residents cannot help but be drawn into each others lives, as they rarely venture from their seclusion. But, with such isolation
comes danger, and whilst the world is blissfully unaware, an ancient terror is preparing for murder.

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