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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a teacher that didn’t teach? Straight A student Tommy Goodman and his friends are about to find out. These fifth graders at Jo King Elementary Shool are in for the most unique school year of their lives. Once their first year teacher, Mr. Befree, tells the class he will not teach the entire year, the students have to figure out a way to pass the Wisconsin State Tests (WST’s) at the end of the year. Mr. Befree creates a contract with the students stating that they are not allowed to do any learning while in the classroom. They are to do nothing the entire day while Mr. Befree does nothing as well. Will Tommy and his classmates ever learn this year? Is Mr. Befree serious about not teaching the class the entire year? Will their principal, Mr. Stricter, walk in on Mr. Befree doing nothing? Throughout this fast-paced novel, Tommy and his classmates will do whatever it takes to pass those dreaded WST’s. The Teacher That Didn’t Teach will have children asking questions the entire time about what will happen next.

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