Spotlight Book! “Made for TV” by Kate Rosin

I feel about Kate the way I initially felt about Stephen Colbert – amazing, funny, but can’t possibly last more than 50 pages. I say to you now, she lasts. You will walk home whistling bits of this book in your head.  – dk

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Who writes all the crap on television? A bunch of insecure, severely flawed Hollywood wannabes who think they can.

“Made for TV” offers a glimpse into the comical, chaotic lives of three would-be writers who create ridiculous (and occasionally brilliant) television shows. When they’re done dreaming up their bigger-than-life ideas, the trio ventures out to pitch the screen “gems” to a less-than-enthusiastic entertainment world that’s peppered with cynicism and celebrities.

The story follows recovering alcoholic Johnnie Walker and her hapless business partners, Sanjay and Kyle, as they struggle to build Made for TV, a fledgling idea firm located in a seedy section of West Hollywood. The team develops fresh, viable television programming concepts with the help of their ominous office assistant, Jerome, and Johnnie’s best friend Meg, an assistant at Dixon-Cooper Productions. Their professional and personal endeavors are often complicated by awkward, random encounters with powerful industry players and well-known actors.

“Made for TV” also delves into the psyche of prickly Johnnie. What fuels her angst? How did she end up in L.A.? And why does she seem emotionally trapped in the 1980s, listening exclusively to music from that era and obsessively watching the 1989 film “Say Anything”? The answers reveal a tale of lost love that might be reclaimed—if the stars in Hollywood align.

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