Spotlight Book! “Holiday Spirits” by L.S. Hullinger

Get yourself in the Holiday “Spirits” with this great book!

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Holiday Spirits, a Christmas collection for the paranormal at heart.

1. Goodwill Toward Men
While on board a 737, Matt meets a forgotten soldier who changes his outlook on the holidays.
2. Exchanging Gifts
Ann uses her gift of psychometry to get her children back from her estranged husband.
3. Holiday Reflections
Alison doesn’t know the chair she bought is timeless, until she meets the man who crafted it.
4. Oh, Come on, Fidelia
Hank worries if being with his family at Christmas will cost him his life.
5. Happy Christmas to Me
Christie, a clairvoyant, decides to give herself the best combination birthday/Christmas present ever.
6. Lovely Lillie’s Psycho Snowman
Lillie’s fear of Santa doesn’t compare to the terror she experiences after a neighbor gives her mother a mechanical snowman.
7. Home for Christmas
Brett discovers he’s made a deal with his soul that only a Vietnam veteran can undo.
8. Snow to Heal
Erin learns that childhood Christmas memories can set the stage for a lifetime of holiday distress.
9. Brave New Year
A group of high school graduates try to face their fears during the holidays by spending a night in the Ghost Depot.


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