Spotlight Book! “Born Dark” by H.G. Lynch

As much as this appears as just “another teen supernatural” book, this is worth the time to read for teenagers and adults alike. The writing flows wonderfully and the dialogue keeps you hanging on every word. No matter how old you are, you will love this book with the right amounts of comedy and love. 

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When Ember moved to Acorn Hills Academy with her best friend, she expected to be bullied by the popular girls, she expected to hate her Maths class, and she expected life to be as annoyingly mundane as ever. What she didn’t expect was Reid. He’s gorgeous, funny, unpredictable…and Ember hates him.

Reid Ashton thought he had everything he wanted: Girls threw
themselves at him, guys envied him, not to mention his superhuman abilities thanks to being a vampire, just like his friends. But then he met Ember and discovered there was something he wanted more than his reputation after all….and he can’t have her.

Worse, there’s trouble heading straight for the vampires, and Ember is stuck in the crosshairs.

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