Spotlight Book! “Rapunzel” by Saffina Desforges

Absolutely love the characters in this book, like the humour throughout the book and the twist at the end. Another great book from Saffina. –  Mrs. H. C. Hudson

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RAPUNZEL – Book 2 of the Rose Red series

From the award-winning international best-selling British author Saffina Desforges (Sugar & Spice, Snow White, Anca’s Story) comes the second book in the sensational Rose Red crime thriller series.

Rose Red takes British crime thrillers in a new direction, with fast-paced, action-packed detective fiction, each based on the theme of a classic fairy tale.

Forget plodding police procedurals. Think ‘Ashes to Ashes’ meets James Patterson’s ‘Women’s Murder Club’ with Lee Child’s ‘Reacher’ thrown in for good measure. Think sassy female Sherlock Holmes, 21st Century style!

Cass ‘Red’ Rose is a feisty female cop fighting the usual battles that go with being a senior detective in London’s Metropolitan Police and having a defence lawyer for a partner. While one fights to put them away the other is fighting to get them off.
With the Huntsman safely behind bars, and newly promoted to DCI, Red is faced with a new challenge. Someone is murdering men in the city and leaving a particularly nasty calling card in their mouths.

Of course, things are never that simple for Red. Throw in a suicide jumper on a bank holiday weekend, the kids being abducted, the partner’s ex wanting custody, DC Jez Harris’s new girlfriend, and the small matter of inheriting an illegal Smith & Wesson, and it’s just another day in the life of a Met police officer. Oh, and did we mention Rapunzel’s?
Set in modern-day London, Rapunzel is a fast-paced, gritty urban thriller that will leave you wondering whether fairy tales really do have happy endings.

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Really enjoying this series. The CID characters and there are a few more than the norm in this book are well portrayed and play important parts throughout. I’ve read a number of books where only several officers solve a series of murders,this is not the case in true life. Nice to see the reference in this book of the connection relating to one the characters in this authors first highly praised book Sugar and Spice. Readers should note this is the second book in this series and book one Snow White should be read first, ever though many references are made as a reminder of what happened in the previous book. Enjoy I certainly did.  –  The Rat

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