Spotlight Book! “Stardoom” by Dr. John Tomaino

Captures the reader from the first page and kept me hooked with unexpected twists and turns right up until the last page. Dare you to read it!!in awe

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When sabotage is only the beginning… stage fright takes on a whole new meaning.

Linda Rosek was the understudy to Broadway legend Chantelle Riviera. Linda’s chance to perform could only come if Chantelle fell sick. But Linda didn’t want to fill in for the night. Or even the season. Sickness would only be temporary, but Linda would discover that fame, like tragedy, is everlasting.

At first, Linda learnt Chantelle’s lines. Then she copied her mannerisms, socialized with her friends, and gradually adopted her lifestyle. But it was a lifestyle she couldn’t maintain. Not unless she made an extraordinary demand: a new face for Chantelle, courtesy of plastic surgery. Not an improved face, but Linda’s face. In the spotlight, where it belonged.

There was only room for one Broadway legend in Stardoom, a cautionary tale about the hazards of fame and the loss of identity.

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