SPOTLIGHT BOOK! “A Girl’s Guide to Fairy Tales” by Laurey Buckland

I was extremely surprised with how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book! A story of 4 friends who’s lives are incredibly different yet they all gel perfectly together! 🙂 a brilliant first book from a a very imaginative author. I found myself ‘lol’ at the smallest of descriptions and was rooting for a happy ending for each of the main characters. I eagerly anticipate a sequel! Mrs C Meehan

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For daydreamer Maddie, obsessive compulsive Clare, over dramatic Isobel and happy-go-lucky Sophie, life is more a world of tragic than magic.
For Maddie it’s a constant battle against the monotony of a job she hates while her heart aches to follow her dreams of setting up her own cake-making business and turn her talent into a career. But will she escape to the world where she feels she truly belongs?
Clare’s inability to banish the image of the ugly duckling she remembers hampers her ability to believe she is good for anyone or anything. After being coerced by well-meaning friends to sign up to an online dating site, she soon starts to realize that looks aren’t perhaps everything and that she is just as quick to judge a book by its cover.
Isobel the looks, the figure and the confidence – or so it appears. After landing the lead role in a new play written and directed by the beastly Guy Edmundson, she follows her mother’s advice to find a gorgeous hunk in time to escort her to the after-show party. But it’s only when she cuts herself free from the ties of a fake persona and stops living up to other people’s expectations that the unexpected happens.
Sophie has the perfect job and the devoted boyfriend who worships the ground she walks on. But when she chooses to doubt her own worth and believes in a poisonous rumour, it tears her fairy tale world apart. Can she find the magic to piece it back together?

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