Spotlight Book! “Forever Lost” by Robin R. Longley

Do you need a quick read to help you get through this extra long, post holiday week? Look no further!

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Forever Lost

Martha is devastated when her only daughter goes missing and she is desperate to find her. She can’t understand why her husband won’t let her out to look, after all she’s usually in the cemetery just across the street. Martha begins to plot ways to escape and find her little girl, no one will stop her.

Their Trap

Ever visited a graveyard in the middle of the night?
Crawling with spiders and other delights!

Guardian of the Swamp

Nicolette wants desperately to love the swamp her husband calls home. She loves her husband dearly and adores pleasing him and their children. When her husband goes missing her world is turned upside down as she struggles to live in the swamp she knows nothing about. She graciously accepts gifts from her kind neighbours including the mysterious Consuela who seems to know more about her husbands disappearance that it seems….

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