GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Dignity” by Eva Caye

“I am a fan of science fiction and romance, and this book had plenty of both. ”
– JulieS

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What will the greatest ruling family in the history of the galaxy be like?

When the studious, determined microengineer Lady Felicia Sorensen is asked to partner Emperor Victor Sinclair at a ball, little does she realize that her world is about to be overturned. Sick of the socialites who can only see his status, the Emperor falls madly in love with her. But she is so single-minded in her dedication to her scientific career that she treads, more than once, on his most painful memories and psychological issues!

Nevertheless, he is so determined to have her that he entices her with all the resources at his command, from sexual stimulation and outrageously expensive gowns to promising her that she can ‘write her own job description’. Is it love, or is it manipulation? Felicia does not want to be merely the source of ova for the Imperial Heir, nor does she like being the center of attention. And an assassination attempt proves that the publicity of being an Imperial fiancée means her mere presence generates continuous danger, even from rival scientists on other planets!

Will Felicia choose her Imperial lover and tough out the extreme political and social pressures with the supreme ruler of the Empire, or will she choose her goals and help thousands, millions, possibly billions of people through her intellectual achievements?

This science fiction romance is the first of the seven-part To Be Sinclair series. The saga begins with DIGNITY and its companion volume MAJESTY, which describe the romance and first years of marriage of the Emperor and Empress of the Sinclair Demesnes. A few scenes describe sexually explicit behavior.

This reader would recommend it to a friend!

One thing I really appreciated about this book is that the science is important, but not at all overwhelming. A lot of people think science fiction is all about the concepts. Ms. Caye is all about the story, as Felicia’s scientific knowledge shows itself little by little, and ends up helping Victor save the day. What’s most important is how she shows science isn’t just a disipline. It’s research by real people for real needs.

Dignity is a very easy, free-flowing read. It is precise and clear, as if someone were describing the scenes of a movie, except they also know what’s going on in the character’s head.

I am anxiously awaiting Ms. Caye’s next book!  –  Casey Logan

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