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Manhattan, 2147

Seventeen-year-old Sera Fisk gleefully celebrates the death of her 114-year-old great-grandmother, the last Atraxian alive who still remembers what New York was like before Felicity.

There is only one principle of Felicity: Suffering is optional. Those who disagree or forget this principle, as Sera’s father did, are detained and “purified”. Through the use of the Darklandia virtual reality and mandatory water rations, the Department of Felicity has transformed metropolises all over the country into happy, obedient communities.

Inspired by her great-grandmother’s last words, Sera stops drinking the water rations and is soon recruited by Nyx into a rebel organization in the midst of planning a full-scale attack on Darklandia. When Nyx attempts to override the Darklandia system, he stumbles upon shocking information about Sera and her family. After years of living in a haze of virtual reality and drugs, Sera finds herself running from a powerful surge of raw emotions and a government agency intent on keeping reality a secret.

Mature Young Adult / New Adult for mature themes and violence.

Praise for Darklandia

What blew me away the most is that even though I was noticing clues that should have led me to the shocking ending, I didn’t make the connection until the very end. Masterfully done.
– Terri Oda, Amazon reviewer

Darklandia is an exceptional novel that I would honestly recommend to almost everyone – don’t write it off as ‘just another 1984’, it is so much more and so much better.
– Andrea Harding, Amazon UK reviewer

If there is one thing to be said about Darklandia, it is that you should go and pick it up, right now. If you enjoy dystopian fiction of any flavor, chances are high that this book is one you will enjoy.
– Kit Embleton, Cartwheels & Tea Blog


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