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A young American couple are conducting an aerial survey of central Africa when they are shot down by hostile militia in a dense region of the Congo. Completely lost and with soldiers in pursuit, they are desperate to find civilization. But something is not right with the forest. The animals behave suspiciously — aggressively — while some unknown presence shadows them, entering their dreams and toying with their very thoughts. The pair soon discover that they aren’t the only ones trapped here. Another party is risking the dangers of the jungle, seeking a rare flower with vast medical potential.

All must work together to survive. But the Blood Forest holds its captives with a secret that is more complex and sinister than any of them realize.

“This forest has a pulse.
It beats in my chest.
I can see it in the eyes of the beasts.
Together, we move to this rhythm.
It calls to us. It calls for blood.”

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