GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Dangerous Waters” by Anne Allen

“The island of Guernsey is so vividly evoked, one feels as if one is walking its byways. An atmospheric and tantalising read” — Elizabeth Bailey The Gilded Shroud ‘Anne’s characters are well formed and likeable (or unlikeable as the case may be)… The two types of story intertwine without the awkwardness sometimes found in this genre. A pleasant diversion” — Chris Wible The Shepherd’s Image ‘I’ve never been to Guernsey but I’m determined to go now that I’ve read this book. It’s a book you can settle into and really enjoy, but it’s a lot more than chick-lit. There’s an intriguing mystery, a finish which had me reading into the early hours of the morning and an insight into what I think of as the back-end of the publishing industry – the bit that the reader never sees or even knows exists. It’s delivered with a light touch but gives the book real depth. I was impressed. ****’ —

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Oh my God, what’s happening to me? After all this time, please, not again!’ Jeanne Le Page, gripped by fear and panic, struggles to breathe as the ferry arrives in Guernsey, the island she had fled 15 years before, traumatised by a family tragedy. Now she has to return after her grandmother’s death. Jeanne has inherited her cottage and she plans to sell it before returning to the UK. Deeply unhappy after the recent end of a long-term relationship, she has no desire to pick up her old life on the island. Suffering traumatic amnesia after being involved in the accident that killed her family, Jeanne has experienced nightmares for years. The return to Guernsey triggers flashbacks which become frightening and Jeanne undergoes hypnosis to recover her memory, reliving the tragedy as the ghosts continue to haunt her. But someone on the island does not want her to remember, and she faces danger from an unexpected source… A contemporary story of love and loss that will capture the reader’s imagination, Dangerous Waters will appeal to fans of female fiction. Anne is inspired by a number of authors, including Robert Goddard, Katie Fforde and Mary Higgins Clark. A comparison can be drawn to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

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I’ve never been to the Channel Islands but this book made me long to see the places mentioned. The author has a good geographical knowledge of Guernsey, or she has done her research extremely well. I enjoyed the pace of the story, at times slow to match the lazy summer days, at other times racing to keep pace with the mystery and intrigue hidden below the main plot.
The romance of the story runs alongside the thrill of danger providing a nice foil to the tension created by the past. This book reminded me of romance books of a few decades ago, but with that little bit extra. Well worth the read and congratulations to Anne Allen for a well crafted novel.   – Sue Pernz

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