Spotlight Book! “ROOM 403” by Elliott Langley

Wasn’t sure what to expect from this as it’s a first time author. But I was pleasantly surprised. A well-written and exciting tale, with some really scary moments in it. Highly recommended!!  – Book Grouper

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For 19-year-old Susan Walker, Grant has become a mystery. Absent in lessons, increasingly despondent, and never around when she calls. So when he turns up at her window one night, incoherent and stricken with panic, she begins to wonder what’s really happening to her friend.

After much confusion, she learns that six-months previous, Grant had stumbled upon an empty room in a derelict tower block on the edge of town, and has since been spending inordinate amounts of time cooped-up within the walls of its eerie sanctuary.

However, strange things have begun to happen in the building – the kind of strange things that both fascinate and terrify Grant in equal measure. And as Susan begins to find out why he was so drawn to Room 403 in the first place, she begins to feel herself getting sucked in too…

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