Spotlight Book! “Intrusive Memory” by Leonardo Noto

I read the book before I read the author’s own description so I didnt know how it was supposed to end. It doesnt end,really,as it is just the beginning. I was rooting for him all the way through,like I wanted to be there to make everything all right.You can almost feel his pain and struggle as he fights within himself to overcome his internal fear and anxiety. If you’ve struggled with ptsd,or even some other psychological problem, you can identify with this author. I wish I had read something like this 30 years ago. I might not have given up the battle. 

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Intrusive Memory is the true story of how I overcame a severely disabling case of PTSD to realize my dream of becoming a physician. This book is not for the faint-of-hearted. It begins in a coldly sterile mental hospital, where I spent much of my childhood after being removed from my home by Child Protective Services, and then whirls the reader through a grand cascade of pathological environments, including a violent military school and a Mississippi jail cell. This is the story of how I fought against the odds and against my inner demons to claw my way through college and into medical school, where I graduated in the top of my class!

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  1. Thanks for spotlighting my memoir on your awesome website!!! Dr. Leonardo Noto.

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