GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “The Sundered” by Ruthanne Reid

“If you like your books entertaining, if you like your books to keep you guessing, if you like a unique, fresh story, then Sundered is the book for you. This is a great debut novel and Ms. Reid’s book will surely become one of your favorites and she will certainly become one of your favorite authors.”
– Anita, the Kindle Book Review

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Something has to change, or everyone dies.

As a scavenger, Harry knows the truth.

The water ruins everything. It kills on contact, covers all but the smallest islands, and reduces humans to practically begging for food. Well, not quite begging: enslaved Sundered Ones make food on command, conjuring it out of thin air. It’s a shame obedience kills them.  It’s also a shame humans have no other choice.

Harry searches for artifacts left over from the time before the water came. When he’s given the chance to find a mysterious device that might fix everything, he jumps at it – but this Hope isn’t what it seems.  In his broken, flooded world, every hope has a price.

One of the MANY five star reviews!

In a world muddied by sameness, this one stands in stark contrast. Captivating, thought-provoking, breathlessly sweeping you along. Ruthanne Reid is most certainly onto something here!BG in NH

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