GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider” by Ellen C. Maze

“Maze’s storytelling is fast and fun, overflowing with ideas and spiritual insight.” –NYT Bestselling Author Eric Wilson

“Nonstop thrills, totally original mythos, and a lightning-paced plot make this the most unique vampire novel ever written.” –The Book Pedler

“A fast-paced, action-packed, and exciting vampire thriller!” –Marcia Freespirit, CEO JimSam Inc Publishing

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What if your novel attracts the wrong kind of attention?

Author Beth Rider’s vampire novel has hit number one, but her fictitious plot puts her in the crosshairs of an ancient race of vampiric beings known as the Rakum. Spreading evil among mankind for thousands of years, the leadership of this bloodthirsty race now has a singular focus: catch Beth Rider—her very life in mortal jeopardy as she goes on the run, a rabbit desperate to escape the worst of predators.

Facing the most terrifying trial of her life against creatures known only in fables, one simple woman will unintentionally threaten the very existence of a powerful and accursed people. In the climactic mêlée, it is a race to the death—or if Beth has her way, a race to the life—of every Rakum who makes the choice.

THIS NOVEL INCLUDES A BONUS: In the back, “Loose Rabbits of the Rabbit Trilogy.” 20 short stories featuring the characters of this amazing series. Also sold separately.

One of the MANY five star reviews!

Finally, an author has hit upon a really new idea which intrigues the “vampire” enthusiast and challenges the adequacy of the faith of the religious crowd. Within the 340 pages of Ellen Maze’s book: Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider we are given a believable beginning for the vampire race and exposed to the contortions of that evil society without soiling one’s sensibilities in the standards of the trade; lust, porn, and gore. Mrs. Maze’s thesis of faith-based battling of evil challenged my views of my own theological adequacy. I tackled this novel with the intent to find fault with it’s theology but came away seeing “the plank” in my own eye.

The depth of the characters, the solid theology, a this-could-really-happen storyline, and the self-examination brought about by this reading left me wanting to meet these people, help their efforts, and encounter their God. I truly admonish all to join the chase and seek the Rabbit.

Yes, Rabbit wlll shake your world. There is only one bit of advice to be given: READ THIS ONE!  – Robert L. Boatner

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