Spotlight Book! “Time Shift The Paradigm” by Robbie Thomas

Everyone needs to read this book. it makes you look at the world differently, in a good way. Enjoyed every muchPamJ

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The student body has descended upon the quiet little town of Trinity Massachusetts, to attend the prestigious University of Winston. The town comes alive as the area residence openly welcome back those who are about to attend the historical University. Classes resume as usual, however, the class of ancient history being taught by Professor David Gates, will soon be interrupted by events that unfold in an unexpected way.

The calamity of horrific happenings begin to swallow nations leaving the world helpless in its wake. A very unlikely duo are teamed up to assist another colleague of theirs, Professor Elizabeth Ross, an Archaeologist who is in Peru. They discover that the mysterious phenomena which has engulfed the world has a hidden agenda that predates the existence of mankind.

Time is of the essence as the door of a parallel world is opening merging with ours, creating a paradigm no man or woman has ever thought could happen, yet it’s consuming all!

When life as we know it suddenly changes, Time Shift-The Paradigm becomes your future!

This reader gave it five glowing stars!

Time Shift the Paradigm was an awesome book from beginning to end. I didn’t want it to end!! Robbie Thomas is a fantastic writer. He knows how to make the story come alive and make the reader feel if tho he/she was in the story. Could this be a vision of what is to come? Or the vivid imagination of a brilliant writer. Buy the book for yourself and see!! P. Gay

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