GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “The Fairy Tale Trap” by Emily Casey

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“ You never know what is going to happen next and are left guessing how the story will end. ”  – Villette

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Ivy has always been afraid of mirrors, but she never knew why. Then one of them sucks her into the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.

All she wants is to find her way home. But when she tries to escape, Ivy breaks the wrong spell. Now Beast is not so gentle-on-the-inside, Beauty is falling for the wrong prince, and Ivy is no closer to figuring out how to get through the enchanted forest that traps her.

With magic mirrors, dancing fairies, a sadistic pixie, and other random fairy tale twists, Ivy doesn’t know what’s safe or who to trust. Can she escape the fairy tale trap?

This reader loved it!

From the moment I picked up my kindle and started reading, I was hooked. The storyline was enchanting and pulled me along with it the entire time. I actually felt I was right there with Ivy when she was running in the forest trying to get away from Beast, I too, was literally gasping for air.

Emily Casey you have a wonderful gift. You took the characters of the Beauty and the Beast Fable and totally made them your own. I loved that there were bits and pieces from the original tales but twisted into your own.

I’m very eager to read your next installment in the Ivy Thorn Series.

Well Done Emily Casey!  – Kimber Shook

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