Spotlight Book! “Resolution” by John Blackport

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Rick Rivoire used to love the army.

But now he and three other Rainguns are assigned to guard a Duke’s mining camp. The Baron in charge is cruel to the workers. Rick’s long dreamed of rebellion. Perhaps now is the time!

Then the camp is attacked by Lucan, an ambitious necromancer eager to turn the defenseless slaves into undead minions. Rick’s duty commands him to delay the chaos of rebellion, until he sees Lucan crushed.

Rick must aid other forces opposing Lucan: kind but brutish ogres, led by humans in war paint with tomahawks. How can he gain their trust?

In a town under siege, he meets the endearing Anya. Is she as innocent as she appears? Or is she a dangerous pawn?

This is the second book of The Raingun Chronicles. This book contains graphic violence and explicit sex. It is intended for adults only.

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