Spotlight Book! “Barbara Reilly” by Carl Grimsman

This story was full of the things you would want in a story whether young or old. It had mystery, mystic, villains and heroes. Mr. Grimsman’s setting was so discriptive you felt you were there. I got goose bumps when I read it, I am looking forward to his next book.   – dshira

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Indian arrowheads have been turning up in the fields since before Grampa’s time, but no one imagined the secret that would reveal itself to Barbara.

In the summer of 1948, Barbara Reilly discovers something truly magical in the woods of her parents’ farm. Her stunning encounter calls her to make decisions that defy the wishes of others. Events set into motion invite a dark invasion to the wholesome upstate New York family.

As danger descends, Barbara is the only one fully aware. What sort of power can a thirteen-year-old girl summon, to stand up to the threat? What help can she hope to muster, through her connection to another girl, from the distant past, who lived and struggled on the same land?

BARBARA REILLY is a historical fantasy woven with mystery and courage.

For age 12 and up.

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