GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Bayou Jesus” by M.G. Miller

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“ I read it in one day from start to finish! ” – Jo-Rita

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Frank Potter, a young, divinely-inspired black man, and Samson Boudreaux, a white man of great power and greater weakness, live in a house of haunted women. And when the possibilities of miracle surrounding Frank become all too real, a tragedy of Christ and consequence unfolds in the American Deep South during the years of the Great Depression.

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Since the release of the book and movie, The Help, there has been much discussion of whether or not a writer can capture the voice of a character outside of his race or gender. M.G. Miller answers that question in his book Bayou Jesus. His portrayal of Miss Zassy, Frank, Jolene and Alice — each outside of his gender and/or race — is gripping, not only in the dialect he writes, but also in the internalization of thoughts and feelings. But then, aren’t so many of our thoughts and feelings universal, regardless of gender or race?  – J. Morrill

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