Spotlight Book! “The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe” by Victoria Ward

The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe is great fun. Jenna finds herself dumped by her boy friend and pregnant. Another girl might have broken out the hankies and cried through the next nine months, but not Jenna. She bucks up and, with help from her friends and despite her mother’s best intentions, soldiers on. We follow Jenna through her diary entries, which are funny, poignent, and keenly observant of herself and the changes pregnancy brings. Highly recommended.   – Isobel DuSharm

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Jenna Jaghe has a degree in philosophy. However, when it comes to her career she finds herself buying into the wedding business and taking over her aunt’s wedding boutique. She finds herself living with a guy who does not hold the same values about fidelity as her and her late father held and in the space of one fateful Friday she finds herself, single, heartbroken, pregnant and alone.

What ensues is a hilarious tale ranging from brides to beastiality, to being caught off guard wearing a ‘Borat’ style leotard in her wedding boutique to getting caught in a compromising position by the window cleaner and everything in between. Jenna starts off wondering how the hell she will cope, especially with a crazy mother like hers, as she had never really fancied becoming a mother that much, to a woman who buys a ‘real life’ baby doll to prepare her for impending motherhood. This story takes you from finding out she is alone and pregnant, right up to giving birth and all the crazy hormones in between. This diary account will make you physically cringe for her. Jenna Jaghe would ideally be suited for a part in the office with David Brent!

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