Spotlight Book! “No Way Out But Through” by Graham Aitchison

I spent nearly 2 years writing this book. It was often very difficult to write as it is a very honest and personal account of my deepest struggles throughout my life. However, I am very pleased with how it turned out. During a free promotional giveaway using the KDP program, No Way Out But Through made it to #9 on under Christianity and has so far received very positive reviews.

No Way Out But Through is the written account of Graham Aitchison’s journey from mental illness to a true sense of clarity and peace. This book takes the reader through the darkest parts of Graham’s soul through the various tools and thinking methods he has used to help himself to heal and into a realm of insight that can only come through surviving the darkest parts of life itself.
Still not convinced? This reader would recommend it.
This book follows the self-biographical journey of one young man from a place of deep darkness to brilliant light. It takes the reader through the full gamut of the darkest human emotions to eventually find a path to healing and salvation of the soul, spirit, emotions and psyche.The power of Graham’s emotions to overcome and defeat him time and time again, and the vicious cycle of self-destruction beggars belief as to how he managed to survive long enough to find salvation. His remarkable story provides evidence of the healing power of God to overcome some of the worst issues of humanity.

Graham’s salvation came in part through the love and spiritual guidance of his mother and other Christian mentors. Through their presence he found God and discovered there is a path that leads from darkness to light. But it was predominantly the power and working of God in his life that led to his ultimate release from darkness.

Parts of this book are not an easy read as Graham faces his internal demons. But in each case as he works with God he finds a pathway through the darkness and discovers that the only way to go when you are in the depths is to go up. Over time and through various events in his life, the Lord takes Graham to places he would rather not go, but are necessary if he is to heal fully. Progressively the Lord peels back the onion exposing successive and deeper layers of darkness in his life, and as the darkness becomes exposed by the light it washes away what was once fearful and horrid in this man to cleanse him of his past and lead him to a better future.

I would recommend this book to anyone suffering the darkness of human emotion, depressions, fear, anger and so on, as it provides a hope for salvation. It doesn’t matter how far down in darkness you may fall. As Graham discovered, God can and will lift you out of it. His story here shows as much and it should encourage anyone going through similar circumstances to know that in God there is hope.  – John L

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