The NEW “Choose Your Own Adventure!”

Do you remember “choose your own adventure” books?
Those were so awesome, and fun to read!

How about starting an “Mommy” version of them?

Meet the characters:

Kristine Henricks
33, married, career working mom of 4 older children.

Jennifer Abrams
26, two young children with one on the way (very closely spaced due to BC failure)

Amber Bennett
22, Single mother of one

Cheyanne Whitten
23, engaged to fiance, childless, nannies for Kristine Henricks

I plan on writing “shorts” or short stories about each character. They will be about 60 pages in length and take a few hours to read. They will be published about every four weeks and available to read on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, etc.

How this can be fun for you!?

I need YOU to tell me how the story goes.

Who do I write about first?
What are the ages/names of the children

Is Jennifer going to have a boy or girl?
What kind of birth should she have?
Due to her body not regulating any kind of birth control should she do something permanent or give FAM a try after the baby is here?

Is Amber a responsible single mother or does she have problems with partying and bringing home guys?
Is her “baby daddy” a great guy and she tries to stop him from seeing their child out of spite?
Is SHE an awesome mom and HE is a “deadbeat” dad?

Should Kristine take a promotion that would make her travel 60% of the time or should she risk getting laid off?

Does Cheyanne end up getting married to her fiancee or is it a horrible breakup?
Does an unplanned pregnancy postpone the wedding, speed it up, or never happen?

THESE and SO many others! (Especially as the stories progress!)

Welcome to your new “Guilty Pleasure” ladies and gents!

Do you have any storyline recommendations? I would love to hear them!
**Contact me for a list of FaceBook groups who hold weekly discussions to help decide the fate of these characters**


Let me know what you think!