GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Seven Days From Sunday” by M.H. Sargent

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“I absolutely loved this book. It was fast-paced and action-packed. The characters were complex and diverse and everything tied together beautifully. Put a new perspective on the Iraqi war for me. I couldn’t put this book down. In fact, I’ve been suffering at work all week from a lack of sleep from staying up reading this book!”  ~  Michele Butcher

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In this fast paced thriller, Iraq’s top terrorist makes two promises – a kidnapped American contractor will be executed on a given date, his body dumped in Baghdad’s Green Zone and a major attack will occur in seven days.

Working desperately to find the American and thwart the impending attack is an elite 4-man CIA team which includes an attractive female doctor. But they can only watch helplessly as the terrorist and his masked henchmen behead the American during a live video feed carried on the Internet.

What they don’t know is that one of the masked men is not a terrorist, but completely innocent. He is an Iraqi pharmacist who has infiltrated the group. His only objective – to find his missing fiancée, who the terrorist has also kidnapped.

After the beheading, he is free to go. But little does he know that his fiancée will bring the deceased American’s head to the Green Zone, and inside the dead man’s mouth is evidence linking him to the terrorist.

This is the first novel in M.H. Sargent’s popular MP-5 CIA series. The other novels include The Shot To Die For, Operation Spider Web, The Yemen Connection and Alliance of Evil. Sargent has also written a murder mystery set during WWII, Toward Night’s End.

***Includes bonus excerpt from Sargent’s next book, The Shot To Die For***

This reader gave it five stars!

I’m reading my third M.H. Sargent book is as many days and not getting much sleep. Seven Days from Sunday and the other two works from this independent author are all well crafted, have memorable characters and many twist in plot to keep your attention. Like a Grisham novel, Sargent sets the hook early and weaves a story that keeps you turning pages until late in the night. Centered around the Iraq war, the context is fresh with lots of action and intrigue. The author does an excellent job of developing his characters, each with distinct personalities that are consistent in each book. While most modern fiction has a central theme of sex,corruption and ample profanity, it’s refreshing to find a good clean read.
Grisham was an unknown when “A Time to Kill” was published. I suggest M.H. Sargent falls in the same category. Only marketing and name recognition stand in the way of this author’s works on the NYT best seller list.Comorant

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