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Coconut oil is AMAZING for the many health benefits it offers!

It has been used as a health food for years for everything from skin and hair beauty to the most degenerative diseases. Here are a few things you will learn in this book:

  • Why so many use it successfully for weight loss and dieting
  • How it can help diabetics normalize their blood sugar
  • Help improve your thyroid function
  • Why polyunsaturated fats are so dangerous
  • How coconut oil fights candida
  • Which viruses and bacteria does coconut oil have an effect on?
  • Why many types of cancer can be helped and prevented
  • What do your cholesterol numbers really tell you
  • Heart disease – are saturated fats really a risk factor?
  • What if your gallbladder has been removed?
  • How to lower your blood pressure
  • Ways to treat skin problems, cuts, burns, and sores
  • Much, much more!
Coconut oil is a natural food capable of astonishing healing capabilities. Learn how it can improve your health and increase your energy.


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“Belly Bloating: What Causes It and How to Stop It”

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