GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “The Blood Upon the Rose” by Tim Vicary

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‘Tim Vicary writes well. He has mastered the history of the period, empathises with problem, race, and place, and strings the whole thing together in a quite creditable airport-compatible entertainment in the style of Archer, Seymour, and Uris. Whatever one thinks of such writing, those are no mean practitioners to be reminded of by a first novel. Vicary will be heard from again.’ 
Tim Pat Coogan, The Irish Times, 15th August 1992.

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Ireland in 1919 is seething with violence, tension and divided loyalties – and so is the heart of the beautiful, wilful heiress Catherine O’Connell-Gort. For Catherine, by heritage, is a glittering symbol of British rule and oppression – yet by inclination she is a traitor to her class. A fervent supporter of Sinn Fein, she is also the secret lover of Sean Brennan, an IRA volunteer who is being hunted by the police for terrorism and murder.

When the British government decides to meet terror with terror, Catherine finds herself in a position of even greater conflict. Her father, a colonel in British Military Intelligence, recruits Major Andrew Butler, battle-scarred war hero and Irish landlord, to assassinate IRA leader Michael Collins. He also decides that the dashing major would make the perfect husband for his headstrong daughter …

In a violent climax of passion, guilt and betrayal, while her country hurtles towards civil war, Catherine faces and a agonising choice as she makes her final, fateful decision.

This reader gave it five stars!

Catherine is a wicked little wench. Andrew introverted, mysterious, scarred. Sean tragic character. All very well crafted. I really could not put the book down. It carried me right along all night to the surprising conclusion. 5 stars.   –  Budedy

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