GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Characters in Search of a Novel” by Molly Campbell

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“ Campbell is such a creative and humorous writer. ” – Bun Boy

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Names! They fascinate writer Molly D. Campbell. Always curious about how a name might influence personality, Molly began a Twitter stream of names with one-sentence descriptions that soon took over her imagination. Loretta Squirrels, a moonshiner who also beats up her husband, gained notoriety on Twitter. Loretta was swiftly followed by eccentric dentists, dogs with human characteristics, cab drivers, Country and Western singers, and a movie star or two. Each story in Characters In Search of a Novel is a quick & often rib-tickling read—this book is just what you’d want on vacation, in a waiting room, or on a long plane ride.

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“Characters In Search of a Novel” is a charming melange of fascinating character portraits from small town America. “In Search Of…” celebrates an originality of spirit and authentic eccentricity that is refreshing, especially in our cynical, pop culture saturated age. Author Campbell displays keen insight and shrewd humor in depicting these quirky characters that, we hope, will secure their own prospective novels. The character illustrations by Randy Palmer are inspired.”   – Barb Best

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