GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “All My Love, Detrick” by Roberta Kagan

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“ I really enjoyed this book – I read it in one sitting and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. ” – Karman Moore

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Set in Nazi occupied Europe, “All My Love, Detrick,” follows the lives of two families, one Jewish the Abdenstern’s and one German the Haswell’s. They are bound together forever by a forbidden love. This is a very human story. It shows the effects of the Third Reich on two lovers who will risk everything to be together…even death.

Excerpt: Kristalnacht

The night of broken glass….

A shattering crashed through the stillness of the darkness as if the world was coming to an end. The sky lit up with orange and red fire following a booming thunderous roar as the synagogue that the Abdenstern’s had attended for years burst into flames. Then came the crashing of clubs as the windows of the local shops fell in shards upon the streets. Cries of terror from the women and children filled the Jewish sector of town. Men who’d been ripped from their homes lay upon the ground beaten and bleeding. Wild mobs ran in every direction looting and destroying, forgetting all respect for human life. For the Jews who lived and worked in peace for centuries in this tiny community, Armageddon had begun.

If you like Historical Saga’s, you’ll love “All My Love, Detrick.

This reader loved it!

Love. Betrayal. Families destroyed; hearts torn asunder and loyalties tested. This book follows the events of two families caught on opposing sides during the most tumultuous time in modern history.

I knew from the moment I started reading that this book would be difficult to read, simply because it deals with past events that are such a huge blot on our history. World War II Germany is a delicate topic to cover for any writer, but Ms. Kagan did a beautiful job.

All the elements of an epic tale are sprinkled throughout. Tragedy and triumph. Unending love and unfathomable hate. The ugliness of war and the tenderness of individuals.

For me, the triumph of love over evil, even in the face of unbelievable circumstances, made this a book I enjoyed reading. Ashley Fontainne

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