Spotlight Book! “Necessary Evil” by John Bushore

John Bushore has written historic novel that feel like history. He has captured the feel of WWII through the eyes of a little boy.
The book tells a tale that brings up points of the entrance to the atomic age and the destruction of a civilization that need to be voiced.
Thanks John for a refreshing view on this topic.  –   raday

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In 1944, American forces attack the small, Japanese-held island of Tinian. Tedtaotao, an orphaned native boy, must avoid both forces to survive. The Americans win, and Ted is thrown into a detention camp, but eventually becomes “adopted” by a squadron after he exposes a Japanese spy. When a massive force of U.S. bombers arrives on Tinian, he notices a few things that put him onto a top-secret project. Despite the risk of being shot as a spy, he stows away  on a plane headed out to drop some sort of  special “gadget” on Japan . At the end of the war, which nation will end up owning his homeland? Ted, who has watched the war as a neutral, must decide who he distrusts most, the Japanese who committed atrocities against his people, or the Americans who have unleashed the fires of hell and killed many thousands of innocents. Although this novel’s protagonist is a young adult, it covers adult issues and explores war from the viewpoint of an innocent bystander.

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