Spotlight Book! “Hammer Of The Gods” by Mike Perry

A combat packed page turner with an totally unsuspecting ending that’ll blow you away!!!  – C. Perry

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The Tides of war are shifting against Germany. For the last great armored offensive…indeed the largest in history, a myth obsessed Adolf Hitler has bestowed the nickname Hammer Of The Gods on one of Germany’s most powerful tanks…The Tiger. He believes it will be the one that shall lead his most destructive force to victory over their dreaded enemy, Russia.
As his personal banner flies over it, inside the tank rides the best crew and a decorated commander determined to restore his reputation as they fight off the hordes of enemy determined to destroy it for Josef Stalin.
Accept the invitation to come along for the journey as the characters interact with actual figures and timelines and endure with them the sights and emotions amid the Hell and carnage of total war…With an unsuspecting ending destined to leave you as battle scarred and fighting for survival as they…

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