Spotlight Book! “Kindling” by Stephen Livingston

“ Choose Your Future – written in the very difficult 2nd person POV, this is a wonderfully evocative short. ”– K. Sozaeva

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Winner of the Canongate Prize for New Writing, the EndPapers Tales Series Prize, and the ePublishing Consortium Writers Award.

“These are some particularly wonderful short stories!”

“Ingenious, creative and a really fun read.”

Kindling – a collection of twelve tales by award-winning short story author Stephen Livingston. Written in a wide range of styles and covering a variety of themes from art, science and politics to metamorphosis, madness and murder.

“Strikingly original.”

“The writer has a good ear for rhythm of speech.”

If you enjoy reading short stories, then Kindling is for you!

This reader enjoyed it!

This collection of short stories was a lovely surprise. I wasn’t drawn by the cover, serendipity led me to download it. I took a quick look at the first short story, as I usually do, to get an idea of the writing style. I read the first page, and continued on. The writing is wonderful– I mean really good! It flows effortlessly. Each short story is very different, the approach, narrative, and cadence of the passages too. I thought they all worked equally well. Among my favourites: the delightfully surreal ‘The Adventures of Freddie the Moth’, the very funny ‘The Waster’s Tale’, and the beautifully chilling ‘The Tell-Tale Trunk’. –  Georgina Anne Taylor

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