GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Letting Them: An Absurd Short Novel” by Ken Brimhall

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“ This book makes one think about where the problem lies. ” – Cindy Vine

An epidemic of indolence threatens to engulf a Texas high school. Two geezer teachers, Calvin Sizemore and Emir Rubio, battle to survive. They face drug abuse, gang violence, teenage pregnancy, inept administrators—but most of all, the freeloading mojo and moja students who overrun the school. When the ’jos and ’jas refuse to prep for college, Rubio and Sizemore tell them to prep for jail by working out and learning to read, but their ridicule fails, due to the school’s disgraceful state and their absurd attempts to remain coherent. The outcome is far from what they expect.

This reader recommends it:

I downloaded and read “Letting Them” after a search in Kindle books. If this is what it is like to teach in an American high school today, then it is no wonder we are in the shape we are in. The two teachers in this book, Calvin Sizemore and Emir Rubio, got no help whatsoever from parents or administrators when they tried to motivate their worst students. I thank the author for letting me know just how bad the situation is.  – Rex

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