Spotlight Book! “Red’s Robin” by Riley Steel


Nicola Ormorod, aka Riley Steel, aka Vamptisypublishing/Karabeth wears many hats and the art of telling a good story is one of them. Whether you care for Vampires or not, RED’s ROBIN, the first in the “Vampire Memoirs” series draws the reader in, with well thought out dialogue and solidly placed descriptions balanced neatly with characters whom you get to know intimatley. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.   – Shebat Legion

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18+ Due to Adult content

Robin is a rather self absorbed model. On a night out she bumps into Red, a vampire. One unholy and lustfully fantastic night later she finds herself a member of the undead. Having shied away all her life from love she now has to adjust to the fact that she and Red are soul mates. But something appears to be amiss with Robin, she doesn’t like human blood.
She is a Santorian, a special breed of vampire thought to be extinct. As she matures she will become indestructible, impervious to sunlight and to accomplish this she must survive on the blood of other vampires.
When a vicious rival vampire pack kidnaps Red it falls solely on her hands to use her newly tuned senses to seek him out and she must battle her way through the entire vampire pack to get to him.

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