GOLDEN REVIEW Book! “Soul Protector” by Amanda Leigh Cowley

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“It has been a long time since I got so into a book that I had forgotten how it feels- I was going to bed an hour earlier to read it!” – S J Daley, London

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Gracie believed she was a regular girl living a regular life.
She didn’t know she possessed the power to infiltrate people’s minds.
She didn’t know the power would endanger her life.
She didn’t know she would fall in love with her abductor.
And she had absolutely no idea what a Soul Protector was
…until now.


This reader would recommend it!

This is chick lit meets paranormal – my favourite kind of read at the moment – but it also runs a bit deeper than that and I particularly enjoyed the wicked twist towards the end.

Gracie’s job isn’t great, her boyfriend has gone off with her younger sister and, quite rightly, Gracie isn’t feeling up to doing much of anything at the moment, let alone celebrate her best friend Lydia’s engagement. But she’s a sweet girl and puts on a brave face. Then things start taking a decidedly paranormal twist as she ‘becomes’ Lydia and discovers a whole other world exists out there.

Gracie meets Dan, a ‘monitor’ and there’s instant chemistry between them, but there’s also a lot of baggage keeping them apart. None of the relationships in Gracie’s life have been straightforward and I found myself really starting to care about her and wanting to fight on her behalf!

Amanda Cowley has written a wonderfully absorbing story, with great characters, a gorgeous leading man and that magical page-turning quality. I’m a fan!  – Shalini Boland

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