Spotlight Book! “SCARY BOYS” by Sean Thomas Fisher

anyone that likes Stephen King’s books with the young boys as heros will love this book. it’s funny, scary and nerve wracking. lol in a GOOD way. i really really really enjoyed reading this one! AND it is all set up for another one. great!!! 😀 – ferri

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Gavin and his friends have a strange hobby of investigating abandoned houses for paranormal activity. When you’re twelve, what else are you supposed to do for free? But when a strange family comes home during one investigation it will change their lives forever. Suddenly, Gavin has a pretty good idea why his small hometown has the highest per capita murder rate in the nation. It’s up to him and his friends to save the ones they love the most and the ones they’ve never even met. Unfortunately, these ghosts are determined to hold up their end of the bargain and will stop at nothing to walk the Earth for all of eternity.

SCARY BOYS is 62,000 words and contains violence and adult language. Not for children. May cause paranoia and heart palpitations.

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Gavin and Randy are brothers, and Gavin’s friends Scotty, Steve and Pincher set out to explore an old abandoned farm house, Gavin taking his iPhone along to use the video feature. They are not disappointed. The house seems frozen in time. Without giving too much away, the boys are put through all sorts of challenges, from battling a ghost family with an evil plot to bring as many souls to the dark side as possible, to their divorced mothers about to be evicted – girls, bullies, and a serial killer. I enjoyed the book, especially the end, which was surprising and interesting. ps beautiful cover.  – Karen Massari





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